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Foldable Seat Cushion

Foldable Seat Cushion

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In addition to our Deluxe Seat Cushion, we have developed a specific solution for those who need premium seating everywhere they go, suitable for travellers that want to make it easier to transport their cushion.

To ensure Theralux quality standards we consulted biomedical engineers that helped our team to build it from the ground up.

We came out with this unique foldable cushion that takes up half of the space and has a design that allows superior comfort for your sitting experience and it’s easy to carry when you want to take it on the go!

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Bold and Luxorious design

Our High-density Theralux Response™ memory foam is firm enough to provide support yet the memory foam molds to your individual body’s shape to make you feel like a royal highness.

Turn any chair into a comfortable seat

Cutout at the back takes the pressure off the tailbone and lack of odd donut shape saves you the embarrassment of using it while providing a comfortable and pain-relieving sitting experience!

Stop sweat!

3D ventilated mesh polyester cover allows airflow stopping sweat down there even on a hot day!

Folds in half and has convenient carrying handles to take it on the go and make a comfortable seat anywhere and everywhere making it a must-have work from home and travel item!

A life saver for your back

Ergonomic shape evenly distributes the weight of the body in a comfortable position

Say goodbye to pain : Improves blood circulation, spine alignment and reduces soreness for a more natural sitting experience.

Made by top-tier professional

A highly knowledgeable team of professionals with a wide variety of technical backgrounds was assembled for the development of the Foldable Seat Cushion®.

The only objective was to create an unprecedented sitting experience, get ready to revolutionize the way you sit when you are away of your home.

Customer Reviews

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Luis A Luis Medina

Foldable Seat Cushion


I had spent the last 2 months studying for my medical school board exams seated 12+ hours/day. My back and hip flexors had gotten so bad and tight that my back would seize even with tasks as simple as trying to bend over to tie my shoelaces. With 1 week of studying/sitting left, I was desperate for a solution when I came across this cushion. Thank god I took a chance on it because it worked better than I EVER could have hoped for! Within a day of using the cushion, I no longer had searing back pain radiating from my hips. Moreover, I felt my posture improve while seated as my hip tightness melted away. Within a week, I felt I was moving better and I no longer had to brace my core to lean over expecting radiating pain in my back like I had previously. I honestly can’t believe how quickly this cushion cured my back pain! Generally, the cushion is comfortable to sit on for long hours, is breathable so you won’t get sweaty in warmer temperatures, and portable with a handy travel clip to carry to different workspaces. This is a quality product that lives up to its claims! My only criticism of it is that the medical licensing center wouldn’t allow me to take it into the testing area to use during my board exam!


I spend a lot of time sitting at the computer and I love this product! I use it on my gaming chair which is already pretty comfortable but this cushion made it even more comfortable. The mesh fabric is great and I’ve noticed that it doesn’t really overheat after sitting on it for a few hours. The colour combination is pretty cool also… 5 stars for the quality and 5 stars for the design


This seat cushion is great! As soon as I sat down on it I knew it was top quality. Not too firm and not too soft. Sits well on my office chair -- no sliding around. Definitely helped with my posture and back pain through the day. Other similar cushions have big bumps between the legs, this one is a lot more comfortable for a man to sit on all day. A great addition to my new home office space. 100% would recommend.


Ever since I have started working from home I noticed I started spending a lot more time sitting, and on less comfortable chairs. I started to get some back pain and after researching solutions for quite some time I came across this company, THERALUX. After trying this cushion out for a while I think that it is the perfect firmness and the memory foam feels amazing as it moulds to your body shape! So glad I found this cushion! 100% would recommend!