About Theralux

Revolutionize the way you sit!

This is what we set out to create: the most comfortable sitting experience for all people suffering from low back and spine pain.

Lower back pain affects your whole back, from your neck to your hips. Your body craves a position that can reduce the discomfort, but the best way to stop this is to prevent it from the start.

That is why we have developed together, with the best specialists in the field, an ergonomic solution that prevents back pain problems and greatly reduces the pain of those who already suffer from it.

Our research and development department, composed by the best specialists in this field, are constantly working to design and create scientifically proven solutions for the support and correct alignment of the spine, giving you the correct position to have during long hours at work, while gaming, driving or meditating.

Basically every time you sit on something!

We use only the best materials, which are then tested extensively. We follow strict protocols to make sure we offer you unique and durable products, that maintain their shape, allows your blood to flow regularly, and evenly distribute pressure.

If you want to prevent and relieve your aches and pains and start enjoying sitting; Theralux products are the best investment you can make.

Put your well-being first and find serenity again!

Deluxe Seat Cushion®