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Sitting for long periods of time is extremely damaging for your body and is made worse when done with bad posture.

We would recommend moving as often as possible to decrease your chance of getting WRMDs, here you can see our research paper Workplace Interventions to Reduce WRMDs from Prolonged Sitting.

Sitting is a more complex topic that you think, but in fact it is modelled simply.

Imagine how easy it is to lift a 10 pound weight. Now imagine carrying it around with you all day, everywhere you go. A lot more difficult right? Sitting is a similar concept.

When you are sitting, there is a certain amount of weight being pressed into your body.

Over time blood flow will start to be restricted, your muscles will get less oxygen, and pressure sores, even sciatica can develop.

The amount of weight can be reduced by spreading the load over a bigger area and reducing the sitting pressure.

THERALUX cushions are designed to spread the load as much as possible and, with our saddle design, allows you to switch up your position on the cushion and still experience a contoured seating position.  

The surface you put the cushion on is also important when considering how it will feel.

Typically we recommend using the cushion directly on a hard surface platform, as placing it on a soft surface could cause a feeling of instability.

A rule of thumb is to use the harder cushion on a harder surface, and if you are intending to use it on a softer surface, use the softer cushion.  

Temperature & Humidity -The density and the compression of the cushion are directly related to the temperature and the humidity of the environment around the foam.

In warmer environments, the cushion will feel softer and in a colder environment, the cushion will be harder.

The longer you sit on the cushion the more time it will have to heat up from your body temperature, and the softer it will get as you sit on it. It will return back to normal after a short amount of time.

Our cushions are made of quality density foam that is designed to last for extensive compressions and decompression without any permanent effects.  

THERALUX offers a 1 year warranty hat guarantees the quality of our cushions.

We cover products from any defects in the material used under normal use of the cushion. 

Remove and wash cover at 80ºF (30ºC) 

DO NOT Bleach, Iron or Tumble Dry

DO NOT place memory foam in the wash

If foam develops odor, remove the cover and put the foam in the dryer on low heat or air fluff for 30 mins with a fabric softener. 

Following these simple but mandatory instructions ensure a long lasting of your investment. 


30 day return policy - If you are not satisfied with your cushion, you can return it. We will cover the cost of return shipping if we are at fault.

See our Return & Refund Policy for more information.  


We offer free shipping for any order above $59.99, ship from Toronto, CA

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