Origin Story

We have set out on a mission to try and solve one of the biggest issues people face in the world everyday... 

Back Pain !

75% of individuals in developed countries spend 6-12 hours a day sitting in a chair at work. There is more than a 60% chance that workplace related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMDs) will effect you at some point in your life.

Our job is to try to make sure you don't fall in that statistic, or to make sure you never join that group again. The products we focus on delivering are high quality and designed to prevent all sorts of musculoskeletal disorders with a touch of luxury and boldness.

We understand that orthopaedics products typically come with a stigma of old, dead, and boring. We have added a fresh and unique approach to our solutions by making our products fun and luxurious. 

We are a small business that is constantly learning and trying to improve what we can offer to our customers. That is why we dedicate time to constantly researching and developing new techniques to not only stay up to date with the latest information, but to give us a leading edge in the field of comfort orthopaedics. 

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