Deluxe Design

There was not room for compromises when designing the Deluxe cushion, that is why we conducted extensive research and development to create the optimal shape for your back relax.

Ergonomics involves understanding the mechanism of the body and how reacts to putting pressure on your spine in one position for long periods.

We’ve designed this seating pad with high-quality memory foam that molds to your seating position, and helps relieve pain associated with prolonged sitting, including sciatica. 


  • Theralux Response™ foam
  • 5º downslope wedge 
  • 3D Anti decubitus design
  • Cutout to relieve pressure 
  • Breathable Mesh + PU Leather cover

    Specially shaped to gently support your thighs and buttocks with a 3D ventilated mesh polyester cover allows air flow stopping sweat even on a hot day! 

    Created with portability in mind, this cushion can be used in virtually any seat in your home, car, or office.